quotient of two numbers

cociente de dos números

English-Spanish mathematics dictionary. . 1964.

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  • Quotient — The result of mathematical division. The I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) is arrived at by dividing the person s mental age (as determined on the Binet test) by the person s chronologic age and multiplying by 100. So if a child scores at the 8 year… …   Medical dictionary

  • Quotient ring — In mathematics a quotient ring, also known as factor ring or residue class ring, is a construction in ring theory, quite similar to the factor groups of group theory and the quotient spaces of linear algebra. One starts with a ring R and a two… …   Wikipedia

  • Quotient group — In mathematics, given a group G and a normal subgroup N of G , the quotient group, or factor group, of G over N is intuitively a group that collapses the normal subgroup N to the identity element. The quotient group is written G / N and is… …   Wikipedia

  • Quotient module — In abstract algebra, a branch of mathematics, given a module and a submodule, one can construct their quotient module. This construction, described below, is analogous to how one obtains the ring of integers modulo an integer n , see modular… …   Wikipedia

  • Quotient space (linear algebra) — In linear algebra, the quotient of a vector space V by a subspace N is a vector space obtained by collapsing N to zero. The space obtained is called a quotient space and is denoted V / N (read V mod N ). Definition Formally, the construction is… …   Wikipedia

  • rational numbers — numbers that can be represented as a quotient of two whole numbers (Mathematics) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Proofs of Fermat's theorem on sums of two squares — Fermat s theorem on sums of two squares asserts that an odd prime number p can be expressed as: p = x^2 + y^2with integer x and y if and only if p is congruent to 1 (mod 4). The statement was announced by Fermat in 1640, but he supplied no proof …   Wikipedia

  • Intelligence quotient — IQ redirects here. For other uses, see IQ (disambiguation). Intelligence quotient Diagnostics An example of one kind of IQ test item, modeled after items in the Raven s Progressive Matrices test …   Wikipedia

  • Complete quotient — In the metrical theory of regular continued fractions, the kth complete quotient ζ k is obtained by ignoring the first k partial denominators ai. For example, if a regular continued fraction is given by then the successive complete quotients ζ k… …   Wikipedia

  • Construction of the real numbers — In mathematics, there are several ways of defining the real number system as an ordered field. The synthetic approach gives a list of axioms for the real numbers as a complete ordered field. Under the usual axioms of set theory, one can show that …   Wikipedia

  • Negative and non-negative numbers — A negative number is a number that is less than zero, such as −2. A positive number is a number that is greater than zero, such as 2. Zero itself is neither positive nor negative. The non negative numbers are the real numbers that are not… …   Wikipedia

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